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Verdi’s CHILLOUT collection is high on style and easy on the eyes

Women who appreciate beauty, craftsmanship, and style will no doubt be familiar with Verdi, a brand that wears its “Made in Italy” badge proudly. From classic pieces to statement-making jewellery, Verdi has earned itself a stellar reputation that celebrates two important hallmarks: Design and innovation.

From gemstone research to cutting and setting techniques, the brand’s know-how allows the unique personality of each of its products to shine over and above its commercial character. “Verdi has been synonymous with quality and design for 50 years,” shares CEO Marco Verdi. He adds, “Our jewels have always been the central part of our project.”

CHILLOUT Collection White and rose gold cuff bangle with diamonds

For 2019, the brand draws inspiration from various music genres, translating this often-intangible concept through its own “language”, all while creating something fresh, modern, and feminine. There are two main sections for the collection: One features a playful look that’s defined by cool coral and turquoise colours, while the other goes down a more classic and glamorous route that is anchored by diamonds and gold.

CHILLOUT Collection Three-colour gold ring with diamonds

CHILLOUT Collection Rose and white gold ring with diamonds

One music genre that the brand shines a spotlight on is chillout, which is a loosely defined form of popular music that is characterised by its slow tempo and relaxed mood. To translate this into the CHILLOUT collection, Verdi chose to focus on various soothing shades of gold, particularly white and rose gold.

As for the gemstones, pavé diamonds are liberally used either spaced out or in clusters, lending fluidity and rhythm that works itself around each piece.

CHILLOUT Collection Rose gold cuff bangle with diamonds

While the colour palette of the jewellery pieces are more soothing to the eye, the designers play around with form, resulting in rings and bangles that feature organic shapes that stand out when worn. This juxtaposition makes them the perfect choice to wear for chic cocktail parties, adding an instant element of glamour to the simplest of outfits.

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