Four Seasons hospitality coupled with nature’s wonders results in a true five-star experience

As far as tropical destinations are concerned, most travelers end up in tried and tested locations for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they look for the serene seclusion offered by Maldivian resorts; the familiarity and mysticism that Bali is known for; Phuket’s lively atmosphere; or perhaps, to test-run Boracay’s recent reinvigoration.

Langkawi, however, which is located on Malaysia’s northwest coast, is often overlooked. However, it is quietly attracting a growing number of fans – and with good reason. First is ease of accessibility. The island is easily reached via short flights from Singapore and Malaysia (90 and 60 minutes, respectively), making it the perfect destination for a short getaway. Secondly, Langkawi is a captivating tropical paradise waiting to be discovered. It boasts stunning natural treasures in the form of 550-million-year old rock formations, mountainous rainforests, and desert islands, all set adjacent to the UNESCO World Geopark.

Helping people discover Langkawi’s incomparable beauty is the Four Seasons Resort Langkawi. The luxury property, which opened in 2005, recently underwent a timely makeover, spearheaded by designer Bill Bensley, who has lent his creative magic to a variety hotels, resorts, spas, and homes. Today, the Four Seasons Resort Langkawi features a mix of traditional Malay and Moorish architecture, anchored by hardwood floors and pillars, as well as a vibrant colour palette of royal blue, orange, and yellow in most villas and public spaces.

Luxury, Limestone, Lavish Feasts
Being at the Four Seasons Resort Langkawi feels as if you’ve ventured deep into a world forgotten by time and civilisation because it is built around craggy limestone formations and pockets of lush, natural greenery. But in reality, it is only 25 minutes away from the airport.

We won’t blame you if you feel overwhelmed once you reach the 19-acre property. Orienting yourself with this expansive resort might take a while, but the regular buggy rides you’ll be taking from your room to anywhere else within the resort will help in the process of familiarisation. Here, accommodations range from cosy pavilions fitted with floor to ceiling sliding doors and windows to opulent 3-bedroom garden villas that overlook a beautifully manicured landscape. Finally, there is the palatial royal beach villa that’s located in a secluded portion of the resort, which not only boasts stunning interiors, it also offers an unobstructed view of a pristine white sand beach.

There are perhaps very few reasons to leave the comfort of your room at the resort, but trust us when we say that a session at the property’s award-winning Geo Spa is well worth it. It features six private rooms for an assortment of treatments, where holistic healers and the energies of Langkawi’s natural geological structures work hand in hand to heal and comfort you from the inside out.

Also notable are the various F&B outlets, with each one offering a unique approach to resort dining. There is Ikan-Ikan, which is the property’s signature Malaysian restaurant that serves up fiery curries, smoky satays, and the freshest seafood, which is personally delivered to the chef by local fishermen. Serai is where guests convene for breakfast, as well as Italian and Mediterranean fare. And finally, Kelapa Grill is perfect for beachside dining, where grilled meats, salads, and other healthy fare are all enjoyed al fresco.

Up Close With Nature
There is no doubt that the creature comforts the resort offers is top notch, but the wealth of natural treasures all around is equally impressive. Don’t be surprised if you find a family of dusky leaf monkeys (also known as spectacled langurs) casually hanging around a tree outside your villa – they are endemic to the area and are gentler and less aggressive than your usual long-tailed macaques.

The resort also knows how important the mangrove forests surrounding it are, so take advantage of the in-house mangrove tour. This educational activity is led by the Four Seasons’ chief naturalist, Aidi Abdullah, whose encyclopedic knowledge of the local flora and fauna will leave you speechless. On the tour, he will point out curious creatures scuttling about the mangroves, as well as explain the differences and curious habits of the various birds flying about. More importantly, the tour will leave you with a deeper understanding and appreciation of a mangrove forest’s contributions to its surrounding area.

For those looking to reconnect with nature in a more exciting way, the property has you covered with a selection of activities that will get your heart racing. Choose between rainforest trekking, rock climbing, bicycle and photography tours, paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

With such exciting, educational, and enriching experiences at your disposal, coupled with a level of thoughtful luxury that only the Four Seasons knows how to provide, Langkawi is proving to be a destination worth discovering, especially when the other tropical getaways are getting too crowded or losing their lustre.

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