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Happy, sad or angry emoticons, these pieces by Alison Lou are a game changer when expressing oneself through jewellery. Say goodbye to formal fine jewellery as we embrace these fun and light hearted jewellery. Creative director and designer Alison Chemla was inspired by modern communication and its simplicity, and tapped into the habit of using emoticons to better explain oneself when we send messages.


Adopting the new way of expressing oneself through emoticons and symbols, Alison’s signature style is a collective of emoticons that are commonly exchanged in text messages. Pop art-esque, the brand produces pieces that are in trend such as the latest choker collection. One could choose which face she’d like to have.


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Or, take it more on a literal meaning like these Screw U pieces that feature sparkling diamonds on 14k yellow gold. screw-u-ring alison-lou-screw-u-cuff-14k-yellow-gold-white-diamond-front-2  


Image opener: Happy/Sad ring with diamonds on 14k yellow gold


All images courtesy of Alison Lou