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One brand’s enduring vision for elegant designs and timeless luxury

In our Insta-obsessed, social media-oriented world, how do you make diamonds appealing enough to catch the fleeting attention of the millennial generation? Like most luxury jewellery brands, this was a challenge that the 114-year old diamond company, Lazare Kaplan International, faced.


Their answer is simple: embrace changes while staying committed to excellence and uncompromising standards. “We are lucky enough to have a consistent product, but it is challenging to present what makes us special to the new layers of customer, particularly the millennials”, says Charles Rosario, Senior Vice President of Lazare Kaplan International.

And so, adapt they have. No longer satisfied with putting out an advertisement in a newspaper and waiting for people to respond, the company has reached out to new customers in different ways. Rosario explains, “What we learn in this new environment is that you have to speak the correct language that’s going to resonate, and do it in a fashion that they are going to find intriguing.” One way to do it is by creating the Lazare Diamond app that offers customers an interactive experience in diamond buying, educating them on the 4Cs of diamonds — cut, colour, carat, and clarity.

With all the changes in the branding and marketing strategies, some things remain the same at Lazare — its Original Ideal-Cut diamonds, most especially. With the Ideal Cut, the stones are cut following a mathematical formula devised in 1919 by Marcel Tolkowsky based on precise angles and proportions that maximise a diamond’s beauty and brilliance. But according to Rosario, every Lazare Diamond is more than just angles and proportions. “It’s about the polish, symmetry, and individual diamond that’s finished by hand.” The combination of all elements, and the strict narrow parameters each stone adheres to, is what makes a Lazare Diamond special. There have been challenges to change it, but their choice was to stick to it. “Because we got it right the first time,” he enthuses.


Lazare’s unwavering partnership with Larry Jewelry is another consistent factor in the company. Since 1989, Larry has been the exclusive distributor for Lazare Diamonds in Singapore. For Larry’s 50th anniversary this year, and in celebration of its achievements, Lazare presented its signature RollerGlam collection. The third instalment of the RollerGlam series has also evolved to answer the needs and practicalities of a new generation, much like the company itself.


The signature design features a cylindrical tube that hugs each diamond, letting it shine with minimal distraction to its brilliance and beauty. The RollerGlam necklace features this element in varying sizes for a high-impact, ornate statement.



The rings’ design, on the other hand, suggests a couple in a playful and loving embrace.


Bangles feature a dynamic aesthetic with twisted coloured gold bands that end with the RollerGlam element.

A bestseller over the years, the RollerGlam collection has been modified for greater comfort. “The pieces are flatter, with no prongs to catch on your clothes. Everything is smooth,” shares Laura Chow, Regional Director and Southeast Asia Vice President of Lazare Kaplan International. As the designer of the collection, she makes sure the design brings out the beauty of the diamonds. “Diamond jewellery can match everything, and meet the needs of every taste and fashion”, she says.


By Laura Chow and Charles Rosario

  1. Go to a reputable jeweller, where you can trust the information presented to you.
  2. Do not buy diamonds online. You have to go to a shop, feel the diamonds, and experience them before buying.
  3. Know that a diamond purchase is an emotional one, so don’t be impulsive.
  4. Get something that’s distinctive and will separate you from the crowd.
  5. Always look for something different, limited, and special, in terms of design and quality.
  6. For the men, know what pieces your wife or girlfriend already owns and doesn’t own yet, and get your hint from there.
  7. Understand the value behind a diamond, and go beyond the 4Cs with consistency, commitment, and confidence.

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