Statement diamond jewels are at the heart of Leman Jewelry, a renowned Vietnamese label led by Ngoc Doan, the founder and creative director. She is a self-confessed sensitive soul who effortlessly spots and treasures the inherent beauty of various things around her, taking inspiration from their many shapes and forms.

For Leman’s latest collection, it is undeniable that the jeweler was inspired and pays homage to the evergreen beauty of nature, telling the story of its rich variety through creativity, craftsmanship, and a flawless selection of diamonds and precious gems.

To start off, there are the Rayon Du Soleil Earrings, inspired by Saigon’s vibrant sunshine. It features two D-colour centre diamonds and Argyle pink diamonds, with a sparkle that calls to mind the vivid dance of morning sunrays.

The La Joie Earrings are perfect for everyday wear, featuring 2ct. diamonds in a graceful combination of various cuts. This versatile pair perfectly captures the playful and poetic essence of summer.

Meanwhile, the Étoiles Earrings diamond flower petals that are positioned side by side to embrace and accentuate the WS1 pink diamonds in the centre. This creation is a poetic piece that calls to mind moon flowers.

Moving on to rings, the Lovebirds Ring is a statement piece that brings love front and centre. Here, a 2ct. D-colour drop-shape diamond leans against a 5ct. D-colour emerald-cut diamond – a romantic vision where the vision of ‘forever’ runs free.

Finally, the saying “Why blend in when you were born to stand out?” rang true in Ngoc Doan’s mind when she envisioned the design for the Paonne range. For the ladies who have no issues when it comes to letting their inner peacocks shine, the Paonne Necklace is for you – an exquisite piece that incorporates stunning blue sapphires and diamonds, totaling 155ct. To complement it, slip on the Paonne Bracelet, which features 65ct. of blue sapphires and diamonds in an assortment of fancy cuts

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