A new range of statement rings from Dehres that helps draw out the wearer’s true colours

Round Madagascar vivid red no heat ruby, weighing 3.60 carats; 2 round Columbian emeralds totaling 3.80 carats; 11 small pear shape white diamonds totaling 2.60 carats; 5 small marquise shape white diamonds totaling 0.80 carats

There’s nothing that makes a statement quite like a flashy piece of jewellery and perhaps the ultimate accessory of excess is the cocktail ring. The piece, which gained popularity during the 1920’s, is characterised by a large centre stone and typically accented with pavé diamonds. Given its size, the cocktail ring has big enough real estate to feature more intricate and novel designs, which are able to communicate the wearer’s personality.

Round Burmese no heat sapphire, weighing 4.80 carats; 1 round Afghanistan vivid green emerald, weighing 3 carats; 7 small pear shape white diamonds totaling 2 carats; 5 small marquise shape white diamonds totaling 1 carats; 240 small round shape white diamonds totaling 1 carat

Oval Brazilian no heat Paraiba, weighing 0.66 carats; 6 small round Brazilian Paraiba totaling 0.26 carats; 20 small round fancy pink diamonds totaling 0.11 carats; 18 small pear shape white diamonds totaling 2.50 carats; 60 small round white diamonds totaling 0.48 carats

Tapping on this statement piece of jewellery’s ability to showcase one’s character is Dehres and their collection of magnificent rings, aptly called “True Colors”. According to the brand, the collection was inspired by the uniqueness that lies within each individual. The electric shades of the gemstones and the playful designs of each ring is the result of embracing one’s own unique true colours, where vibrancy and vitality shines through.

Oval Mozambique greenish-blue paraiba weighing 4.50 carats; 2 heart-shaped white diamonds totaling 0.80 carats; 82 small round white diamonds totaling 0.70 carats

Radiant shape Sri Lanka vivid pink no heat sapphire weighing 5.70 carats; 86 round tsavorite totaling 0.50 carats; 8 small marquise shape white diamonds totaling 1.40 carats

Kaleidoscopic designs and expert craftsmanship bring the rings and colours to life. We also urge you to pay close attention to the brilliant gemstones chosen, such as emeralds from Columbia and Afghanistan, Burmese and Sri Lankan blue and pink sapphires, rubies from Madagascar, Paraiba from Brazil and Mozambique, as well as a mixture of pink and white diamonds for an added dose of sparkle.

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