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Georg Jensen expands its popular Curve ring into a full collection, with each piece featuring a characteristic softness and sensuality, brought to life by Danish designer Regitze Overgaard

The Curve ring by Georg Jensen is the perfect example of a statement, with the juxtaposition of soft, sensual curves and sculptural intensity, taking on a life of its own as soon as it is slipped on the finger. At first glance, it is a vision of simplicity, but at its heart, it is incredibly complex: Elegant, classic, futuristic, artful.

Originally introduced in 2006, the Curve ring was designed by Regitze Overgaard who trained as a goldsmith in 1970 and regarded as a pioneer of modern organic jewellery designs. Her innate love of forms and shapes found in nature, combined with her sense of minimalism, resulted in works that are often fluid and elegant, showcasing an understanding of a jeweller’s craft and, ultimately, the wearer.

Regitze Overgaard

For 2020, Overgaard and Georg Jensen have teamed up once more to expand on the Curve range, resulting in a collection comprised of bangles, necklaces, stacked rings, and earrings that bear the same cloud-like form of the original ring. In addition to silver, the pieces are now available in gold – or in a combination of the two metals – for maximum style.

In this Q&A with Regitze Overgaard, we dive a little deeper into her creative process, understanding how she brings to life the perfect curve.

How does craftsmanship inform your design?
It’s a great advantage because having craft skills helps you understand the nature of precious metals, and this allows you freedom to create.

What is the essence of the ‘perfect’ curve?
The shape must have the right tension. Too much and the curve becomes balloon-like, too little and it appears limp.

How do you make metal seem fluid?
The reflection of light has a great influence on how the form is perceived. I work with a graphic, but at the same time, organic, expression, which can make the metal appear soft and vibrant.

How does it feel to reinterpret one of your iconic designs for today?
I am incredibly happy to develop the design because the expression is “so very me”. It’s classic and modern, and perfectly in tune with Georg Jensen’s DNA.

How did you extend the original Curve design into the new collection of jewellery pieces?
It wasn’t just a case of scaling the same shape up or down – that doesn’t make sense, as proportions will be wrong, and the result is imbalance. It was important to vary the design for each piece with individual details, so the smaller ring and bracelet are designed to be stacked, while the gold and silver metals combined allows an entirely fresh character.

The cuff is the hero piece in the collection. What makes it such a powerful statement?
I think the movement in this bold shape with soft curves makes it unpredictable, and, in a way, modern and sexy, too.

Is it important that as a designer you understand how women want to wear jewellery?
Of course, it is important to be aligned with what’s in fashion right now, but equally to be aware of how I think my jewellery should be worn. I like to surprise – and sometimes even influence – the customer’s choice. And, I’m delighted to say that I also enjoy designing men’s jewellery.

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