Italian jeweller Fope flexes glamorous ‘muscles’ with iconic and wearable jewellery lines

WHEN IT COMES TO BLENDING COMFORT AND LUXURY, few jewellers hit the mark as well as Italian company Fope does. This is largely thanks to the brand’s flexible mesh chain, which has now become truly iconic — it is the reason that any Fope jewellery is immediately recognisable at a glance. The chain has become a canvas for the brand, forming the basis of various collections that range from formal to playful while maintaining an understated beauty.


Necklaces from the Eka Collection

In Fope’s latest Eka, Prima, and Vendôme designs, the mesh chain is reinterpreted to reflect different personalities. In Eka, the brand’s best-selling collection, Fope’s slimmest yet incredibly resistant gold chain is rendered as a Flex’it mesh chain. This feat took the company’s research and development team months to achieve. The newest Eka pieces come with new pavè-set round elements.


Bracelets from the Vendôme Collection


Rings from the Vendôme Collection

The new additions to the six-year-old Vendôme collection, meanwhile, come with a new thread-like motif embracing the gold- or diamond-set rondel. The sparkle is taken a notch higher with the new Prima pieces, which see the flexible mesh chain entirely covered with diamond-crusted rondels. “Prima is my favourite collection, because it very subtle and I personally don’t like big pieces of jewellery,” says Giulia Cazzola, Fope’s Marketing Director, who is also the founder’s great-granddaughter.


Giulia Cazzola, Fope’s Marketing Director

As elegant as they are, the pieces are fun and comfortable to wear, thanks to the patented ‘roll on’ Flex’it mesh chain, which is made flexible by tiny gold springs hidden between each link. This in itself is an evolution of the Novecento mesh, created by Fope in the ‘70s and featuring interlinked round or oval gold parts. Given Fope’s origins as a maker of watch straps, the practicality and comfort of the Novecento makes perfect sense, and has since provided the foundation for the brand’s design philosophy.


Jewellery from Fope

For a company so rooted in its origins, Fope is refreshingly modern in its approach. Since 2013, it has been a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, the international non-profit organisation that sets ethical standards for the entire jewellery production chain. It has registered trademarks and holds industrial and design patents, and is certified under the Traceability & Fashion system operated by the Italian Chamber of Commerce. It has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since last year.


Necklace from EKA Tiny Collection



Ring from EKA Tiny Collection

Fope has also found an organic way to appeal to younger clients without straying an inch from its design philosophy. “Fope is reaching a younger audience by keeping the core of our design, the famous Fope chain or links, but the volumes or the designs will be revised and adapted to their taste,” says Cazzola. This is especially true of the Eka Tiny jewellery. Coloured stones will also make an appearance in the 2018 Flex’it collections.

It is no wonder, then, that the brand has been steadily growing on a global stage, with its jewellery shipped to more than 50 countries. In Southeast Asia, it has gained a following particularly in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. “Our subtle, refined, and elegant jewellery have had a strong appeal on Asian women. Our Flex’it bracelet is the interpretation of comfort luxury in jewellery and it is very much appreciated worldwide,” says Cazzola. She adds that collections that make a stronger statement, such as Diva and Mialuce, are especially popular with clients in Thailand and Indonesia. The company aims to have flagship store in Southeast Asia within the next five years.

Meanwhile, the brand has a clear path forward. It has stayed rooted in Italian tradition and continues to produce its jewellery in Vicenza, but incorporates new industrial and technological techniques and tools. It has recognised the uniqueness of its 18K gold flexible mesh chains, and has reinterpreted it over the years with diamonds and — on rare occasions — coloured stones, such as pink sapphires. It has resisted pop culture references and trendiness while maintaining its appeal for both mature and young clients. Cazzola sums it up nicely: “I enjoy the comfort of our jewellery and, at the same time, their versatility. Our jewellery can be worn from morning till night.” And while many designers put forth this claim, Fope truly lives up to it, day in and day out.


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