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Gem-set love letters for Valentine’s Day

At one point or another, in the course of courtships and romances, you must have received adorable love letters, penned in exquisite handwriting. Unfortunately, in the world of instant messaging, this long-lost art of hand-written love letters is barely surviving. This Valentine season, we are reviving the romance of love letters with some gem-set versions.



Inspired by pop-art, the culture of urban graffiti and big city neon lights, theTiffany Graffiti Love and Kiss pendant made of 18K rose gold set with diamonds by Paloma Picasso is an artistic way of expressing affection. Shorter alternatives are Picasso’s bestselling XOXO pendants for hugs and kisses.


For Louis Vuitton, the word love is obviously rife with natural branding opportunities — the L for Louis and V for Vuitton in the LOVE charm are entwined in the characteristic logo composition.


Anil Arjandas’s Love collection is an exquisite way to show love. A particular bracelet is made of oxidised silver set with brown diamonds.


Djula’s message ‘I heart U’ on a chain made of white gold set with colourless brilliants is a great way of employing a heart shape and short text messages in jewellery.



Italian jewellery company Spallanzani spells out ‘FOREVER’ with a bangle made of 18K rose gold set with colourless brilliants.

With the permanence of diamonds and precious gemstones, here’s hoping feelings and affections shared are just as long-lasting