By Solitaire Magazine

A selection of beautiful bits and baubles that are exotic and wild at heart

French designer Jean Schlumberger’s jewellery designs for Tiffany & Co. are legendary and will always have a place in any jewellery aficionado’s collection. Must-haves include the Bird on Rock (featuring amethyst and diamonds in 18-carat gold) and the Royal Fish Clip in 18-carat gold and platinum, with round spinels, sapphires, garnets, and round brilliant diamonds.

Flowers and birds are central in the Fairytale Gardens collection by designer Liza Borzaya. The fine artistry from the combination of enamel, vibrant colours, and dainty gemstones breathe life to the 3D pieces, especially visible in this delicate hummingbird brooch.

Lorenz Baumer, the previous artistic director for jewellery at Louis Vuitton, dreams up an army of bejeweled creatures in the collection aptly called My Bestiary. Two brooches stand out from the range: The Scarabée d’ Eté brooch with beryls, sapphires, tourmalines and fire opal, as well as the Scarabée d’Automne brooch with white and yellow diamonds and orange and pink sapphires.

Alessio Boschi’s Thalassa range features an assortment of baubles inspired by sea creatures found in the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean. The graceful movement of deep-sea dwellers is mimicked through the jewellery’s organic shapes, especially the gem-encrusted shark brooch or the coral-inspired pearl earrings.

Gucci’s high jewellery collection, Hortus Deliciarum, celebrates the rich world of flora and fauna, and features shiny diamonds and intentionally mismatched gems – some of which were personally sourced by creative director Alessandro Michele himself. Standout pieces include a signet ring with a carved opal snake and a gold tiger head necklace with emeralds and diamonds.


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