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Matthia’s & Claire

Growing up in the family trade, Mattia and Chiara are on a mission to uphold the family legacy. Their father, Gianfranco Cilluffo, is the founder and current president of Orexport; and since the company’s founding in 1969, Orexport has dedicated itself to producing jewellery based on artisan traditions.

Matthia's and Claire jewellery- diamond and platinum necklace
Diamond and platinum necklace

Although it is now supported by modern technologies, Mattia’s family still uses the same tools that were used by ancient goldsmiths in their workshops, adhering to the same working methods employed since day one. “We believe that it is very important to never forget what we have been taught: the value and nobility of the work and the gratification that come from manually creating an object,” says Mattia, citing the family business’ mantra.

Inspired by the passion of their father, Mattia and Chiara set up the Matthia’s & Claire brand in 2000 to further tap into the international market. Theirs is a brand that constantly seeks to surprise.

Matthia's and Claire jewellery- dreams bangle
Dreams bangle and ring

“We offer a wide range of designs and looks, varying from top-quality high-end watches to fashionable jewellery designs, to heavier and more classic gold pieces,” Mattia enumerates. “All of our production and designs have the highest Swiss Quality standard, but with the unique Italian panache.”

The company straddles two important locations in Europe: its prestigious main office is located in Chiasso, Switzerland, and it has a factory in Arezzo, Italy, situated in the heart of the Ancient Etruria, long considered the home of jewellers.

“Our range allows us to sell to both young and old generations alike. We fulfil the taste of many women worldwide, who have a common passion for quality, details, and design,” says Mattia. The brand is also strong in platinum jewellery, with pieces ranging from simple bracelets to diamond and platinum sets.

Matthia's and Claire jewellery- Renaissance Watch
Renaissance watch

One of Matthia’s & Claire’s best-loved collections is the SKIN Collection, which allows the wearer to personalise and customise their jewellery based on their style, taste, and outfit. By choosing their model, colour, and gem setting, the wearer is able to tap their creativity and create looks that match their mood.

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