Make a statement in black and white with the new Eternal D Monochrome Collection from Dilys’

Most fashion enthusiasts have always favoured a monochromatic colour scheme, with its ability to transcend seasons and trends. This utilitarian approach to style was recently adapted by Hong Kong jewellery brand, Dilys’, particularly in its Eternal D Monochrome Collection of rings.

Easy to wear and pair, the collection is sure to attract a wider audience with its simplicity and classic appeal. It is also infused with a renewed focus on a signature design, resulting in a fresh take that exudes confidence and charisma.

According to Dilys Young, founder and creative director of Dilys’, “The Eternal D Monochrome rings are designed to be worn with confidence and effortlessness.” She further shares that they were created to be a perfect everyday accessory, echoing the brand’s objective of successfully striking a balance between beauty and wearability.

The rings in the Eternal D Monochrome Collection feature an assortment of shapes and cuts of faceted diamonds, while the 18-karat gold band boasts cutouts of irregular shapes. What results is an almost organic shape, reminiscent of unpredictable and serendipitous forms found in nature.

What’s more, an important design choice was pavé setting the old-cut, brilliant-cut, and black diamonds in the wide ring bands. This allows for an intricacy in the design and a continuous sparkle with the closely set diamonds.

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