Pieces that boast contemporary design, impeccable craftsmanship, and the most covetable gemstones

Jewellery, as a luxury item, possesses the unique ability to reinvent and transform itself in accordance with current style trends, geopolitics, market and currency fluctuations, and more. Having a deep and intense emotional meaning to its owner, jewellery is easily transportable and may be turned into cash fast in time of need. Bukhara, where the Moussaieff family originated, was the pulsating heart of the famous silk route where the best gems and jewels in the most artistic designs made their way from East to West. Over time, the Moussaieff brand developed its own distinct design aesthetic, which is typified by strong contrasting colours, interacting in design cohesion with movement.

Here, we are showcasing an example of luxurious and investment-orientated pieces of jewellery. Mrs Moussaieff’s delight in her husband’s artistic heritage is readily apparent in this latest creation: Ruby and diamond tassel earrings that feature super rare, quality stones of artistic magnitude. As an investment, top-quality unheated Burma rubies have historically been a magnet for serious luxury investors. The reason for their attraction is that the Burma red is a very special shade and is distinguishable by its “purity of colour”. The rich saturation is due to the precise amount of the trace element chromium present in every crystal. The complete absence of iron also assures a “wild” fluorescence under both short and long wave. Therefore, this adds to the texture of the colour.

The thirty-six Burma natural unheated rubies (seven of which are pigeon blood) are perfectly matched for colour, size, shape, and saturation. To accentuate them, extra long diamond tassels gracefully droop down from the wing-shaped white gold and ruby mounting. The specially calibrated baguettes are interspersed with round diamonds, gracefully cascading down in perfect graduation to climax with diamonds weighing a little over 1 ct. at the end. The contrast of the white diamonds with the rubies on top creates drama, while the movement, shape, and length of the tassel makes for playful originality.

Another special item worth highlighting is a Vivid Yellow kite-shaped diamond ring.  This 31 ct. vivid yellow diamond presents a drastic, yet successful departure from prevailing design aesthetics. When cutting top quality coloured diamonds, the norm was adhering to conventional shapes, especially so when the diamond is above 30 cts., particularly when shape and cut deeply affects the brilliance and vibrancy of colour.

The cutter of this diamond was faced not only with the extreme challenge of achieving even saturation throughout the stone, but he was also faced with the difficulty of achieving maximum reflection and refraction of light from the side facets in an uncommon shape.

The colour in this diamond is caused by the presence of nitrogen as a trace element. The latter is present in the precise amount, which achieves the perfect, even saturation with no undesirable sub tones like brown or grey. Meanwhile, the pear-shape diamonds around the centre complements the design’s artistry, which in turn completes this truly spectacular and dramatic ring.

Finally, in presenting these multi-coloured stone crystal bangles, we wish to evoke the lighthearted style and panache of the fun loving decade of the roaring ‘20s, whether they are worn individually or as a series stacked on the wrist.

The interchanging vibrant colours with the clear crystal in succession creates a very forceful style statement, which is fun, as well as very artistic.  The “bombe” style, which is applied to a bangle as opposed to the normal ring, works exceptionally well with clear crystal and contrasting coloured stones. When worn together as an ensemble, these bangles become a true celebration of contemporary style. What’s more, the versatility of the design means they may be worn in comfort on any casual occasion.

In conclusion, one can say that Moussaieff’s approach to jewellery styles today seeks to embody the best contemporary designs and top quality craftsmanship with the very best stones available. Our jewellery is created primarily to be worn, rather than sit in a safe. Most importantly, we want them to be valid investments that make a strong and positive style statement. Above all, we want them to evoke the “feel good” factor!

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