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Enjoy wearing something that no one else has? Then CVC Stones is one of the choices to look at. Launched last year, the jewellery line marries diamonds with natural stones, turning them into covetable pendants. Each necklace is one-of-a-kind, as there exists only one such pebble with that diamond arrangement, guaranteeing that each piece is as unique as its wearer.


The concept seems simple, but the journey founder Charlie de Viel Castel took to create the line was not straightforward. Viel Castel’s grandmother bequeathed him an unset, loose diamond. The French financier decided to take this gift as an opportunity to explore his artistic sensibilities, to offer a tribute to the woman who had instilled in him a never-ending quest for adventure, and always encouraged him to live creatively.


“Once I started, it became clear that I could extend the concept beyond my grandmother’s diamond. I hope I have done her memory justice with CVC Stones,” said Viel Castel in another interview. Viel Castel says that he knew very early on that he wanted to work with something organic as his grandmother had always encouraged him to see and appreciate the beauty in the natural world. “I spend lots of time on the beach and by the water when I’m not working, so the idea came about quite naturally,” says Viel Castel. Sourcing gold chains from Germany, stones collected from beaches around the world, and diamonds from a dealer friend in Belgium, all the pieces are handcrafted in New York.


The pebbles come in earthy colours and endless variations, from smooth and caramel-coloured to pitch black; grey-flecked and creamy white to layered blues. Each necklace should be worn with similar, muted shades, or classic black or white. All the necklaces can be worn at two different lengths, but if you opt for the longer length, a low cut V-neck top or an unbuttoned crisp shirt will best show off the accessory. Plain tops or off-shoulder knits will work well with the shorter lengths.


The brand’s aesthetic is a combination of elegant and casual, high and low; so much so that Viel Castel says his pieces “have the ability to be styled with a favourite T-shirt or effortlessly with an evening gown.” Either way, the necklaces are arguably one of those jewellery items that will become a staple, much like pearl earrings or signet rings. All you need is one, and you’ll be able to wear it a hundred ways.


All images courtesy of CVC Stones