Nina Runsdorf has been designing jewellery for as long as she can remember. She recalls designing her first jewellery line – sitting in her mother’s upstate farm kitchen – when she was merely 12 years old. After an early career in fashion and getting married, Runsdorf reconnected with her passion for jewellery following the birth of her two daughters.

“I began to work with my father-in-law at Runsdorf Associates, the fifth-generation mainstay of Manhattan’s diamond district and I later received my GIA certification before fully immersing myself in the jewellery business.” Since her brand debut in 2005, Runsdorf has been busy designing both wearable and one-of-a-kind pieces in precious and semi-precious stones.

Her latest offering – a 15-piece collection called ‘All That Is’ – was launched last week and is exclusive to her website. The jewels from the new line will be available for purchase on her platform from 5 May. The native New Yorker tells us how this collection amplifies her love of old mine diamonds.

Mesh Chain Necklace with 9 Bezel set Pear shape diamonds

Your new collection is called ‘All That Is’. What does the name signify?
I was inspired to do something that could be worn day in and day out, an old feel but made to feel more modern. I decided on ‘All That Is’ because I wanted women to never take the jewellery off, making them sentimental, everyday pieces. The healing properties of gold and that it’s said to amplify positive feelings helped me to decide on using that material. I chose black rhodium around the diamonds as this gives off a very calming effect. Combined with the gold, this gives it an older, unique feel to the collection.

You mentioned the collection is designed to “summon the healing powers of gold, amplifying positive feelings”.  Tell us more.
The colour of gold is connected to the colour yellow, just like the sun, which is associated with illumination, courage, passion, and wisdom. It is also a precious metal that is related to prosperity.

Pearshape Diamond Dangle Ring with Mesh Chain

Double Drop Diamond Pendant Earrings

The line is an adaptation of your first gold collection, Old Mine. What prompted you to come up with a new avatar?
I wanted this collection to consist of jewellery that was wearable for the everyday. I love layering and mixing my own jewellery, and with this in mind, I created this new collection which can be worn on its own and also with other pieces among the collection.

What sparked your love of old mine diamonds in the first place?
I’ve always been in love with old mine diamonds, as well as old world antique ear wire diamond earrings and necklaces. They are very collectible and hard to find pairs – I love the way the light hits them – as they have less facets than new diamonds. I haven’t worked with new cut diamonds much, but ‘All That Is’ uses new stones as I wanted to create a collection and make it feel modern and for now.

Round Brilliant Diamond Pinky Ring

What styles can we expect to see in the new line?
This collection consists of pinky rings, the iconic flip rings, and necklaces, which all hinge on their axis, as well as drop and stud earrings. Necklaces have sliding diamonds, which has a very ’70s feel, and stackable chain bracelets. The diamond cuts vary from pear-shaped, radiant and round brilliant, emerald cut and baguettes.

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