We take a look at the qualities that make this Valenza jeweller so unique and how its founder turns inspiration from the simplest things in life into stunning jewellery.

When Carlo Palmiero first arrived in Valenza — famed for being one of the major centres for fine jewellery in Italy, he was immediately fascinated by the tradition and craft of goldsmithing in the town. That was back in the 1960s when he was just a boy. Evidently, jewellery making made a lasting impression on him, as he grew up to become a jeweller himself, establishing a reputation for his wildly creative designs that are brought to life with precious gold and the finest gems in every hue.



Palmiero’s creations are highly distinctive and recognisable at first glance, to those who are familiar with his eponymous brand and its avant-garde aesthetic. Organic shapes and abstract forms are the main theme — making unique designs that become canvases for showcasing intricate, innovative gem-setting techniques. Every single Palmiero piece is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. One thing’s for sure — they are never ordinary.



Nature, emotions, art, culture, even places and people are what provide endless inspiration for Palmiero. “Inspiration is a feeling that is difficult to explain. It could come in the form of a flower, a petal, a dew drop on a blade of glass, a particular architecture, or a piece of cloth seen at a fashion show… I do not believe in a ‘muse’, but I believe in [retaining a sense of] curiosity,” he said.

Craftsmanship is, of course, as important as design. Gem-setting, for example, is one area that demands the highest levels of expertise at Palmiero. The process requires extreme precision and skill, especially on pavé creations — considering the fact that some rings have to be hand-set with almost 2,000 stones per piece. Only a small number of pieces emerge from each design and the extraordinary combination of gems and the shades of colours they present varies each time, making every piece one of a kind.



Colour is a big feature of Palmiero’s jewels — fascinating chromatic and tonal designs put together with many different shades of gems are a signature, and practically synonymous with the brand. Rare coloured diamonds, brilliant rubellites, intensely hued rubies and sapphires are but some of the jewels that form the palette used by the designer to realise his ideas.

His latest collection, Trafiori, is yet another example of such unbridled creativity. Florals, a much-beloved theme often used in jewellery, is given a fresh and lively interpretation here with intricate fretwork and an asymmetric design, encrusted with icy white diamonds, blue sapphires and the finest of tanzanites.

Bold yet timeless, opulent yet elegant, Palmiero’s creations possess the rare qualities of distinctiveness and artistic creativity that set them far apart from all other jewellery. Those who desire to stand out with their jewellery choices will find their designs impossible to resist.

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