Statement necklaces, rings and bracelets could be overwhelming for the mundane mid week meetings. We look to contemporary brooches as the best style alternative to brighten up your day. Perfect for those who prefer the subtle touches of jewellery, an embellished brooch can instantly bring up a look without looking too over the top.




For the busy women, keep a brooch or two in the bag that you could interchangeably use. Let the structured, crisp dresses or fitting suits meet the playfulness of the modern elements you can find in today’s brooches. Add some movement to your outfit by opting for pieces that have dangle elements or interesting texture that could easily capture one’s eye. Drop the normal jewellery go-tos and don’t be afraid to opt for the over embellished brooches.


Image opener: Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger coquilllage brooch in 18k yellow gold and platinum with sapphires and white and yellow diamonds

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