Italian jewellery brand, Pomellato, introduces three new collections for 2020 that feature modern yet timeless designs perfect for everyday

Stripped back to reveal its refined simplicity, Pomellato’s new FANTINA collection of gold jewellery is a range that appeals to modern, independent women who take charge of their destiny and untamed by convention, all while valuing style with a distinct character. The word “fantina” is Italian for a female jockey; therefore, it calls to mind women with a strong character and fierce spirit.

FANTINA Collection in rose gold and diamonds

FANTINA Collection in white gold and diamonds

The range is designed with abstract, sinuous curves and infused with the minimalist spirit of Milanese architecture. The collection is comprised of bangles, a ring, earrings, and a pendant in rose gold, alongside more luxurious versions set with diamonds, as well as a white gold diamond version. True to the range’s sophisticated design ethos, the diamonds are skillfully set on the inside curves of the pieces, highlighting the curved architectural forms.

When Pomellato launched Nuvola in 2018, it was the brand’s unconventional take on diamond jewels. Nuvola, which means cloud in Italian, was born as an alternative to the traditional solitaire prong setting and featured a diamond inside an irregular-shaped rose gold orb. Today, the collection has expanded to include rings, earrings, and a pendant that’s enhanced by brown diamonds.

Nuvola Rings in rose gold with brown diamonds

Nuvola ring and pendant in rose gold with brown diamonds

The new Nuvola jewels include three sizes of rings, with a central brown diamond ranging from 0.50, 1.00, or 1.50 carats. The central stone is then surrounded by a halo of intense, brilliant-cut brown diamonds set in blackened gold. Complete the look with matching stud earrings and a pendant, which both feature 0.50-carat diamond. What’s more, the pieces are made from Fairmined gold, while the diamonds featured are sourced from members of the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council).

The NUDO range is loved for its use of vibrant coloured stones and its prong-free “naked gem” design that merges circle and square, resulting in a perfectly irregular shape. Its playful, stackable, and unconventional characteristics allow for mixing and matching, resulting in a variety of chic combinations.

NUDO Rings in rose gold with chalcedony, rose quartz, and brown diamonds

NUDO Collection with chalcedony, rose quartz, and brown diamonds

This year, NUDO in Rose Quartz blossoms with a precious stone that’s often referred to as the magnet of love. Its delicate pink hue, doubled with chalcedony, sparkles with Milanese audacity. The NUDO rings is available in three sizes – petit, classic, and maxi stones, set atop rose and white gold bands encrusted with brown diamonds. Complementing these are the NUDO stone earrings, as well as necklaces like the classic one-stone pendant, a two-stone lariat, and the seven-stone sautoir in rose and white gold with brown diamond accents.

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