Retrouvaí, a jewellery brand founded by Toronto-born Kirsty Stone, recently unveiled its newest collection called Alchemy, which is inspired by the birth of Stone’s daughter and represents the following virtues: Love, Vitality, Bravery, and Honor. Pendants, signet rings, triple wrap bracelets, hoop earrings, and studs set with hand-cut carnelian, green turquoise, lapis, and onyx put on shine with diamond accents and gold inlay details.

The pieces in the collection are engraved with motifs like kissing cheetahs representing ‘Love,’ an eagle between gladiolus representing ‘Honor’ and strength of character, and swirling wings symbolising ‘Bravery.’ Meanwhile, the snake and ladder symbol in the collection represents ‘Vitality,’ while also serving as a reminder to be resilient and to always look forward.

During these tough times, we are soaking up positive vibes wherever we can find it – and Stone’s latest creations are probably just what we need now. “My jewellery is meant to be cherished and passed down through generations and, hopefully, it becomes even more meaningful in times like this where purchases are made with heavier consideration.”

What inspired you to launch a jewellery brand, especially when you’d been working in the architectural world?
My friend, who owned the architectural company, had known that when he hired me, I wanted to have my own jewellery collection. Helping to build his company ended up being one of the most wonderful experiences for me though. It was a challenge – never easy, but incredibly rewarding and, over the years, we worked on very cool projects.

In 2012, we participated in a symposium at Ground Zero (New York) for the multiple constructions underway. But after five years, it just felt like the right time to transition in to my real passion and at this point, I started seriously playing with materials and designing pieces.

How do you re-invent the hugely popular signet rings and pendants?
I design pieces that I want to wear for myself, with messages that resonate strongly in my own life. The greatest compliment is when these messages resonate with other people. I am inspired by the mid-century period and I think you can easily notice references in the jewellery aesthetically. I love for the pieces to have an element of nostalgia, but at the same time be something very unique and distinctive.

The flying pig ring and carved intaglio are hot favourites. How did that come about?
The flying pig was the first signet character. My idea here was that we all come to crossroads at many points in our lives and this motif represents a call to action: “Yes, you can.” We are limited only by the constructs we create for ourselves in our minds. Anything is possible.

How has life changed since your daughter, Violet, was born?
Violet has brought us more joy than I ever imagined. On the other hand, everything has taken on a sense of urgency. I seem to have very little free time, but I wouldn’t change anything. I love my child and I love my work.

Love, Vitality, Bravery, Honor – what meaning do they hold for you in life and work?
The Alchemy collection was inspired by the birth of Violet. It represents creation and transformation, a new chapter. The virtues I have included are like pillars that remain constant through change. I think everyone will interpret them differently, but when I sat down to really think about what has been important through my personal transformation, this is where I landed.

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