Designer Terence Chan, founder of Terre Studio, has designed the bar cabinet that you may want for your home this holiday season. The piece is inspired by someone who prefers to keep his precious collection behind closed doors, and only reveal them at the right moment.

Dubbed ‘Whisky Bar’, the handsome piece is fully customisable with a range of finishes and materials. In Terence’s art- and collectibles-filled man cave/showroom—admission is strictly by invitation—is a standard model that is 1200mm wide, 600mm deep, and 1500mm high.

Outside, the carcass is a heavily sandblasted spruce veneer with warm grey stained door panels featuring custom recessed patina bronze handles. The structure is sandblasted paulownia veneer in dark brown stain surmounting a natural copper-finished base.

Inside are bleached walnut veneer, tinted mirrors, and a light box. The drawers have matching finishes and custom patina bronze handles, a motion-activated light box, and  pin spots to highlight a liquor collection or designer glassware.

“A wooden box of curiosity, this cabinet is an understated and elegant cabinet for the avid collector,” Terence says. In this case, it’s a vessel for crystalware and liquor bottles, box of cigars, found objects, small sculptures and art toys. “The selection and choice is endless for the collector,” he assures. “The design is timeless, with beautiful proportion and scale. The piece defines the owner taste and discipline.”

Rusty Cerven: Beautiful Yet Practical

“First and foremost, there must be a wine,” Rusty Cerven declares. And when the Beverage Director of the award-winning Manhattan Bar at Conrad Singapore Orchard says so, you have good reason to listen.

“You never know when the lazy day will come and the easiest way to prepare for it is with a glass of good wine,” he continues. “Then comes the champagne, it’s good to be always ready for celebration of precious moments.”

Rusty, who celebrates 18 years in the profession this year, claims you can never go wrong with gin. “It is always my number one choice for a home backbar as it is one of the most versatile spirits for me. You can start with a simple G&T and go for a classy Martini cocktail or even good Negroni as digestif after dinner.”

The runner up on his spirits list is a good American whiskey, which he recommends for winding down after a long day at work. “Add a sweet and dry vermouth, Campari, and orange liqueur, and you are ready to get some great variations out of it – or even host a serious cocktail party,” he says. “For sure it is worth to have some mixers on hand. Nowadays, there are several great quality of sodas and tonics in the market.”

Everyday Crysta Tumblers by Baccarat

Rusty’s quintessential cocktail set includes a shaker, mixing glass, bar spoon, strainer and jigger. “It is also important to think of ice and have a bucket and tongs ready for it,” he adds. “Every good drink needs good ice.”

When it comes to choosing a bar cabinet, Rusty likes versatile storage such as wine racks and adjustable shelves for different supplies. “Hanging glassware racks are handy too. Opt for practicality with features like doors that close and wheels for mobility.”

Rusty likes his cabinet to have that balance between elegance and function. “It should provide ample space for bar essentials but also harmonise with your home decor. For instance, my favourite is a vintage bar cabinet from Lim’s—it boasts these compartments beautifully, making it a standout piece in my home, especially when entertaining with guests.”

Rusty Cerven’s  The Scarlet XO

The holiday drink of the season is the Scarlet XO, crafted together with our team. The spiced pear essence beautifully accentuates the festive flavours, harmonising elegantly with the whiskey and cognac. Meanwhile, the addition of champagne brings a joyful celebratory touch to this seasonal delight.



-Rye Whiskey

-Remy Martin XO

-spiced pear cordial

-a touch of champagne.



Put three ice in a glass

Pour all ingredients over ice

Serve and enjoy!

Davide Mollica: Spick and Span

A home bar should always have gin, Campari, Aperol, sweet and dry vermouth, Cointreau, vodka, Bourbon Lime and Lemon, seltzer, and of course a bottle of Da Paolo Prosecco,” insists Davide Mollica, Beverage Product Manager at Da Paolo.

Davide’s long list is justified: “With these, you should be able to concoct most of the classic cocktails, such as Negroni, Aperol Spritz, Martini, and varying sweet and sour cocktails.” So is his mention of the Da Paolo Prosecco. Davide, who counts 14 years in the profession, is the restaurant group’s Beverage Product Manager. He has participated at the BACARDI Legacy Cocktail Competition and has even emerged runner-up at the Stolichnaya Elit Vodka Cocktail Competition.

“You will need the basic implements – a shaker, mixing glass, stirrer, strainers, knives, jigger, and a measuring cup,” he says, adding that “for a more elaborate home bar, you can add on a mini sous-vide machine and a vacuum sealer to make your own flavoured spirits and syrups.” 

An ideal bar cabinet for Davide is one that could hide your liquor collection well to maintain a clean, dust-free environment. “It should also have ample room for storing spirits, dedicated shelving for glassware, a built-in wine chiller, as well as a well-sized central area for arranging your bar tools and to concoct cocktails.

Wine Glass From The Wine Therapy, Glasses Set By Baccarat

Davide Mollica’s Caeser

My personal favourite would be the Caeser; it is my version of a traditional mulled wine.


200ml Grand Marnier 750ml Tawny Port

750ml Merlot
80ml Raw Honey
100ml Hot Water
250ml Lemon Juice
16 pcs Orange Wedges 2 pcs Cinnamon Sticks 8 pinches Nutmeg
5 pcs Ginger Slices
5 pcs Thai Ginger Slices 8 pcs Clove
2 pcs Cardamom
4g Marjoram
2 pcs Long Pepper
2 pcs Vanilla Pod


Combine all ingredients in a sous vide bag and seal it.

Sous vide for 90 minutes at 60°C.

Serve in a stemware and enjoy!

Mandip Singh: A Space for Prep

“In my opinion, a home bar should have a few bottles of prosecco as many people enjoy drinking sparkling. Besides, prosecco can also be used for an Aperitivo Aperol Spritz,” says Mandip Singh, Assistant Bar Manager at il Lido Pte Ltd.

“It would also be nice to have a few selections of white and red wines ranging from Pinot Grigio to Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon. To make some of the best cocktails, we need four different spirits – vodka, gin, rum, and whiskey,” Mandip, who has had eight years in the business, advises.

“It is also always good to have soda water, tonic water, and some fresh juices in the bar for guests who are not alcohol drinkers,” he adds thoughtfully, “and these can also be used for cocktails.” In his own home bar, there is always a nice bottle of fresh limoncello for an after-dinner drink and, of course, some very ice-cold beers!

“For accessories and implements, you will definitely need different types of glasses for the prosecco, the white and the red wine. You will also need tumbler and high ball glasses, and one to two bar mats to protect the surface of the bar, keep the glasses and bottles from sliding around, and make the cleaning process easier by catching spills.” A complete cocktail shaker bar tool set is also necessary to make the cocktails, plus a couple of ice to keep the bottles cold.

Mandip says it would be good to have two fridges that open like a drawer and a small display case for red wine. “The bar should have an area of free space for cocktail preparation and to place the shakers. The other end should have a small sink with a small dishwasher underneath. A shelf displaying all the liqueur bottles should also be front facing the guests.”

Mandip Singh’s Limoncello Spritz

My favourite drink is definitely a Limoncello Spritz, a sparkling drink with lemon flavour from an Italian liqueur. It is very refreshing, tasty and vibrant in colour – a good surprise for my guests at any time of the day.

3oz Prosecco or other sparkling wine

2oz Limoncello

 1oz Soda water

Fresh mint and lime. 

– Put 3 ice cubes into the glass

-Add in the limoncello
-Add in the prosecco
-Top up with soda water
-Stir for 3 seconds
-Add some fresh mint leaves and a slice of lime on top
– Serve and enjoy!


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