The world has been turned on its head, no doubt, so we seek to find out how these fine jewellers across Asia are going to adapt to a new way of doing business once a semblance of normalcy returns


“We have been fortunate to still be able to continue working through the circuit breaker period in Singapore. In ordinary conditions, the bespoke process involves an intimate relationship between clients, designer, and craftsmen to facilitate a flow of creativity between the different parties and this is something that we can’t wait to revisit in the near future.

We are also looking forward to realising the visions for current clients, as well as turning new ideas that we’ve come up with during the circuit breaker period into reality.” – Emily Tan, Founder & Creative Lead


“Working from home is something I never thought was possible before and surprisingly, I found it very productive, especially if we have good time management. Perhaps, we could adapt a work-from-home schedule on certain days in the future.

For our clients, we’re definitely working on an improved and interactive website to help them shop for engagement rings or wedding bands prior to coming down to the boutique for the final fitting.” – Zoie Teo, Founder/Director


“We will try to launch some new collections and marketing campaigns with a focus on strengthening our digital presence.

From what we’ve experienced from this coronavirus pandemic, we all realise that digital marketing, online advertising, and e-commerce have become an irreversible trend in today’s trade world.” – Ephraim Zion, Founder


“The art of transformation is very powerful and is definitely a skill to acquire. During this time, I am constantly reminded of my grandmother’s words: “Be the master of your opportunities and not a slave to your challenges.”

At the start of this pandemic, no time was wasted in transforming ourselves and processes. As a team, we switched gears and rolled out a complete change in strategy with the mindset to stay adaptive to what may come. We realised that disruption may come unexpected and in any form. So, we want to be ready for it.

Using technology, we discovered new ways to do business and in more creative ways we ever knew before. This pandemic has forced us to make this leap. It has bridged the gap between product and people, brought team members closer and work processes have become more efficient. With these new skills, pushing the brand beyond borders may become even more efficient and economical.” – Simone Ng, Executive Creative Director


“In the near future, when things are back to normal, we hope to upload our new website that is in-line with the current company image. Going forward, we want to create an interactive lifestyle-based website with a refreshing look.

Currently, we are taking the opportunity to train our staff to improve their knowledge on gemstones, enabling them to serve our customers better. This is in conjunction with our gem appreciation talks, which we hope to resume after this circuit breaker.

We are also looking to launching a new collection that offers a more affordable price point. In addition, we are excited to showcase the latest rare finds from our previous gem hunting trip to our clients. Hopefully, this will help uplift moods and bring colour and excitement back to our lives.” – Michael Koh, Founder


“In a time of uncertainty and fear, Dilys’ key role has been to inject hope within our business and conversations with clients. Even if it is for a brief 15 minutes, we want to uplift with positivity and strength.

Just like every other city, Hong Kong has been met with countless waves of uncertainty and fear in the past, so as a fine jeweller with 29 years of experience, we believe it is our social responsibility to respond with compassion and hope to those we can reach. This energy also permeates within our business as our team is working even more diligently to adjust to this new environment.” – Pearl Li, Head of Brand Development


“During this period, we’ve adapted to a more digital set up at work. We’ve started using Zoom for meetings, which we’ve found to be effective and productive. We also spend more time on digital marketing efforts, as well as improving the website.

For myself, I have joined some online courses to enrich my knowledge on business and e-commerce. Designing is one of the things we won’t stop and we can’t wait to launch a new collection for a younger audience who are looking to explore jewellery as investment pieces. 2020 is no doubt a challenging year, but we are looking forward to the new opportunities the challenges bring.” – Hoey Ho, Managing Director


“Jewelmer is committed to sustaining the harmonious synergy flowing through its golden South Sea pearl farms in the Philippines, while striving to preserve the marine environment and benefit the surrounding communities. Currently, we have about 1,200 people on the farms who are all breadwinners supporting at least 8-10 people each. Given the state of our communities, it has been vital for us to support our pearl farmers with the necessities that they have limited access to. Together with the Save Palawan Seas foundation, we are also ensuring that sufficient help is being extended to our neighboring coastal communities.

We also wanted to bring the experience of Jewelmer to our clients beyond boutiques by reinforcing our online presence and remaining faithful to the values that have always guided us. Since the enhanced community quarantine was imposed, it has become difficult for our clients to source food products and home essentials. To provide assistance, we have used our network to help ensure clients are able to access quality goods for their families and their homes during this time. We look forward with a firm hold on our heritage and the values of beauty, sustainability, and collaboration.” – Jacques Christophe Branellec, EVP & Deputy CEO

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