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Every once in awhile, a girl has to indulge herself — The all-too-familiar quote from popular TV series, Sex and the City by character Carrie Bradshaw played by Sarah Jessica Parker, is a good reminder why we love shopping.



In collaboration with London-based jeweller Kat Florence, the star co-designed The Flawless Diamonds collection that highlights the classic, sparkling diamonds. The collection is divided into four different categories: The Pave Hews Edit, The Heritage Edit, The Opulence Edit and The Symmetry Edit.



Each category is unique in style and has a purpose. Diamonds are paired with precious materials such as burnished gold, adorned on Art Deco-inspired geometrical designs or lined in intricate pavé-set designs.




Dedicated to producing pieces that highlight rare gemstones such as Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline, black opals and Columbian emerald, Kat Florence and Sarah Jessica Parker have worked together since a year ago. They have also released The Exquisite Collection that consists of the precious stones used in modern designs.


Image opener: The Heritage Edit from The Flawless Diamonds collection

All images courtesy of Kat Florence

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