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Brothers Arto and Saro Artinian share an inextricable, one-of-a-kind bond growing up together in the family diamond business. Having learned the ins and outs of jewellery making and diamond trade at an early age, it comes as no surprise that their sibling dynamic has rendered itself well to success in business.

Sartoro jewellery by Arto and Saro Artinian
Arto and Saro Artinian, CEO and COO of Sartoro, respectively

Their entrepreneurial bond solidified when they set up Artinian in 1997, followed by the creation of a fine jewellery brand in 2001, which they aptly named Sartoro, a portmanteau of their names. For such a relatively young brand, Sartoro has started carving a niche for itself in the world of high end jewellery.

Sartoro jewellery by Arto and Saro Artinian
Model wearing the Gaia Bloom ring and earrings

President and CEO Arto explains that the Sartoro brand was conceptualised out of a need to innovate. “It was the beginning of the new millennium, and we thought that the way to move forward in the next 10 to 15 years was to develop our own brand. And since my brother and I are very passionate about what we do, we knew Sartoro was the key.”

Timing was everything, he adds. “We had a vision of creating Sartoro at a time when most of our competitors didn’t even think of creating their own brands. Back then, others even thought it was impossible to build a new brand.”

Sartoro jewellery by Arto and Saro Artinian
Ninfea necklace and earrings

For the Artinian brothers, creating the Sartoro brand was just the beginning. The real challenge is in keeping the brand relevant and creating a legacy.

“We have a strong commitment to always innovate, to have great attention to detail, and be consistent with our product line in order to deliver beautiful jewellery with great value and timeless designs,” Arto quips. Arto and Saro draw upon their years of experience in craftsmanship as well as their deep involvement in the diamond business since their childhood. “Our family expertise goes back two generations in jewellery making.”

Sartoro jewellery by Arto and Saro Artinian
Ariana necklace and earrings

Sartoro’s collections satisfy the high taste of jewellery connoisseurs. They cater to women who aspire to everyday luxury and have a deep appreciation for refinement and sophistication. Sartoro’s creations stand out not only because of the fine craftsmanship, but also due to the quality of stones. Saro, Gemmologist, COO, and Design and Development Director, leads the team of designers and gemmologists in finding the perfect stone and designing pieces to impressive precision.

The brand’s most coveted collections include Gaia Bloom, classical diamond pieces with an enigmatic twist; Ninfea, a kaleidoscope of organically designed flower-inspired statement diamond pieces; and the newly launched Ariana, a showcase of oval-, emerald- and pear-cut diamonds spread across elegant pave lines like musical notes on a score.

“It gives us a great pleasure and satisfaction to see our clients enjoy our beautiful creations,” says Arto, adding that it takes a lot of time and technical expertise to design each piece. “Inspiration is very important and we put a lot of thought into the creation of our collections since they reflect the DNA of the brand. Our collections give Sartoro a unique character and make us stand out from other brands.”

Sartoro jewellery by Arto and Saro Artinian
Gaia Bloom necklace and ring

As competition gets tighter in the global arena, Sartoro is on a mission to further expand their client base.

“We are always driven to move forward. As a brand, we feel clients have more confidence in us and, as such, we are able to get a better reach. We feel that we need to expand our markets and let more women know about Sartoro’s beautiful creations, our high workmanship, attention to detail, and great value collections. One way to do this is by engaging more clients through social media as well as events,” concludes Arto.

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