1 No one understands the allure of coloured diamonds like GRAFF, which is why every piece they produce that features one automatically becomes a masterpiece. Take for example the 5.63-carat pearshape Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink diamond ring, which was cut from The Lesotho Pink – an extraordinarily rare 13.33-carat pink rough diamond. With the demand for pink diamonds soaring this year, this piece is bound to be one of the greatest treasures around.

2 Inspired by the ring that Enrico Grassi Damiani dedicated to Queen Margherita in the early 1900s, these Damiani Margherita rings feature a daisy motif that showcases a harmony of shapes and volumes. The collection features three versions: Classic diamonds and white gold; rose gold, brown diamonds, and amethyst; and yellow gold, diamonds, and citrine quartz.

 3 Kahn High Jewellery is no stranger to statement pieces, which is why this ring is sure to take your breath away. The ring is perfect for those who have a soft spot for romantic, feminine pieces because at the heart of it is a 6.07-carat fancy intense yellow diamond, which is playfully surrounded by eight heart-shaped argyle pink diamonds.

 4 Calla Lily Fine Jewellers puts a fun spin on fine jewellery – quite literally! We are exceptionally tickled by The Spinner Ring, which features a design that playfully spins when worn. The ring is comprised of a pair of bi-colour antique cushion cut 10.74-carat tourmalines and in the middle is a 3.6-carat lagoon tourmaline in trillion cut in a halo of 0.98-carat diamonds and 0.08-carats of pink spinels set in rose gold.