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A lowdown on the latest trends and must-have engagement rings

Diamond ring, bride, engagement
Paraiba tourmaline and diamonds ring in 18K gold, JOCHEN LEËN


What’s trending in the world of engagement rings? We were just as curious as you are and scoured scores of Instagram accounts to round up some of the most exciting trends.

When Jay Hartington — entrepreneur and co-owner of Marissa Collections, a designer fashion and jewellery shop in Naples-Florida — decided to pop the question, he chose a hexagon diamond solitaire ring by Arunashi. “The designer, Arun Bohra, is a dear friend and I wanted him to specifically design the ring,” says Jay, whose store retails Irene Neuwirth, Bayco, Arunashi, Todd Reed and Kwiat, among others.

Watermelon tourmaline and diamond ring in platinum, JOCHEN LEËN


Sapphires, observes Jay, have made a comeback and the single stone solitaire is more prominent than ever. “Also, the halo bezel has become very important to give more brilliance to the stone, while unusual cuts and the use of natural coloured diamonds, not necessarily white diamonds, are popular,” he adds.

If you’re on the lookout for that stunning ring, here’s our roundup of the most trending styles we’ve seen out there.


The most classic engagement ring is set with a diamond solitaire, often round, in a plain gold band. Traditionally, the diamond is mounted on four prongs. Diamonds and coloured precious gems, in a variety of cuts — emerald-cut, Asscher-cut, pear-cut, marquise-cut, cushion-cut, and heart-shape — offer greater choice. White gold and platinum are popular as they enhance the sparkle of the diamonds.

diamond ring
3ct round-cut diamond engagement ring, JEAN DOUSSET


“Stick with classic diamond cuts and timeless settings, and utilise the bands to make a fashion statement,” advises Jay.

Tiffany & Co. diamond ring
Tiffany diamond ring from the Blue Book 2016 collection, TIFFANY & CO.



The antique styles draw upon the long past, decorative motifs, glamour, and splendour from various eras. Occasionally, modern iterations reference vintage ones. The 12.77ct natural grey diamond and natural ruby ring by Petochi is one such interpretation.

Grey diamond and ruby ring, PETOCHI


“It was inspired by a famous royal ring featuring a 8.48ct Pigeon Blood Burmese ruby — made in the late 19th century — belonging to Queen Marie-Jose of Italy. We switched the gem colours and crafted it in rose gold to make it modern and desirable,” says Alberto Petochi, CEO and sixth generation member of the Petochi family.

Ceremonial engagement ring in yellow gold and white diamonds, MANIAMANIA



Modern engagement rings in Toi et Moi (you and me) styles, coloured gems in special cuts, modern art deco, contemporary classics, bold geometry, asymmetrical, and minimalist all tend to eschew tradition. Some designers tend to embrace semi-precious stones, while others embellish it with enamel in endearing ways.

Highland ring, KAT KIM



Engagement rings sported by royalty and celebs are huge inspirations for ring hunters — be it the late Princess Diana’s beautiful blue sapphire and diamond cluster ring, Elizabeth Taylor’s eye-popping 29.4ct emerald-cut diamond engagement ring, or Lady Gaga’s gorgeous ring featuring an oval-shape pink centre stone surrounded by a halo of round white diamonds.

La Sacla ring in emerald and diamonds, HOUSE OF MERAKI


GIA Alumni Alberto Petochi’s Guide to Buying Engagement Ring

  • Fix your budget first. Know how much you are willing to spend and start from there.
  • Know your partner: what they like, the style of jewellery they often wear, and their lifestyle. This will make a big impact on the mounting and the stone of choice.
  • Go only to a trusted jeweller. You may find a lot of options online, but only a trusted jeweller will explain to you the difference between various stones and show options that enable you to compare stones and mountings.
  • Have the ring sized correctly.
  • Learn about the 4-Cs of diamond: colour, clarity, carat, and cut. The proportions are very important as they make a difference to the appearance of the stone.
  • Make sure the ring comes with a GIA certification, especially when the stone is precious.
  • Get insurance. Make sure to check with your insurance broker about deductibles and replacement value or similar stone, and keep the value up to date.
Sera diamond and 18K gold ring, SARTORO



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