As the show comes to an end, the SolitaireLuxe team went on a search for jewellery novelties that have caught our attention and could possibly be the next obsession in the industry.


Transformable jewellery

We aren’t new to the transformable concept with conventional brands such as Van Cleef & Arpels as one of the pioneers of such mechanism. But, this is no dying trend as jewellery collectors are seeing the practicality in having pieces that could be used in many different ways.


Caratell too, jumped on the bandwagon as they introduced this interesting ring-earrings piece. The ring has hidden clips that can detach to separate the pieces, attach hooks and use them as earrings.






Kinetic Jewellery

It doesn’t hurt to have a little movement when it comes to the jewellery you own. Taking it to the next level, Jidai Art Jewelry introduces us to a new technology that is truly one-of-a-kind. Claimed to be the only craftsman to produce such intricately designed pieces, all the works produced have a special surprise such as this blooming flower. All pieces are in 18k gold.



Three-dimensional jewellery The SolitaireLuxe team was also intrigued by pieces that have a three-dimensional effect, producing interesting textures and shapes that could easily catch a person’s attention. Presented by Jocalia by Zenith Affair at the show, Roberto Tucci introduced this 18k ring with diamonds, pink, blue, orange and yellow sapphires from their new B’Fly collection.



We got up close with the star piece by Caratell, a stunning necklace-pendant piece inspired by the national flower of Singapore embellished with tanzanite, yellow and white diamonds, and pearls from the Orchid collection. Despite its rigid look, this breathtaking piece is designed to sit comfortably on the wearer’s chest. The gem-embellished 3D-flower motifs are crafted to replicate the real flower.






Yellow diamonds

Step away from the yellow sapphires and opt for the dazzling yellow diamonds. Take it up a notch by opting for yellow diamonds, for a more classic, polished and elegant look. At SIJE 2016, Zydo introduced their stunning 8ct yellow diamond pieces that include a pair of earrings and matching ring.




Mixed-cut Diamonds

Zydo was also excited to launch their latest mixed-cut diamonds series consisting of, pear-shaped and round diamonds mainly.





Paraiba Tourmalines

Handcrafted exclusively in Italy and arguably more expensive than diamonds, Ofir showcases a Paraiba tourmaline collection at the Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2016. The full collection features 29.63ct of Paraiba and 26.23ct of dazzling round diamonds on 18k white gold.





Oriental Edition

Inspired by ancient Chinese paper doors, Caratell looked to old Oriental designs to create this unique statement ring. This ring is embellished with a stunning green tsavorite, yellow and white diamonds. sije-report-highlights-caratell-chinese-doors  


Dilys’ featured their latest addition at the exhibition. Featuring a carved aquamarine centrepiece, the cuff has blue and red sapphire beads to match the light blue hue of the gemstone.




Jewellery for Low-Cut dresses

The jewellery pieces below are perfect for those low-cut dresses that you’d like to wear to at formal events.


Caratell recommends its Water lilies and Agapanthus pendant from their Impressionist Painting collection with coloured diamonds, sapphires and garnets that drops elegantly down your chest.




Or, opt for Dilys’ disc-shaped jade pendant that could easily steal the spotlight of the night. Paired with jade, ruby and blue sapphire beads, the necklace is truly one-of-a-kind