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Delicate jewels inspired by the winter season

A breathtaking geometric wonder, a snowflake is one of nature’s most exquisite works of art. As small, cool sculptures of frozen water, the star-shaped snowflakes have long inspired jewellery designers to create sparkling jewels most suitable for the festive season’s endless soirées.


Harry Winston

The Lotus Cluster by Harry Winston pendant features a round brilliant diamond centre stone expertly framed by smaller diamonds, using the House’s signature “clustering” technique. By meticulously setting the individual diamonds at an angle, the designers created a three-dimensional jewel that shines in every possible turn, bringing a fresh floral perspective to the iconic brand.


Tiffany & Co.

Exquisitely feminine, these Tiffany & Co. Victoria cluster pendant and earrings are made of platinum and diamonds. Marquise- and brilliant-cut diamonds make up the lovely design, set in prongs of platinum — a signature of the brand since 1886. The scintillation of the diamonds displays minimalism at its best.


Gems Pavilion

Gems Pavilion’s snowflake-inspired brooch made of 18K white gold is set with 34.95ct emeralds and 2.71ct diamonds. The outstanding craftsmanship displayed in this piece has brought the rough sketches of a green snowflake to life.



From Piaget’s colourful 140th anniversary collection, Extremely Piaget, comes this pair of Décor Dentelle earrings made of 18K white gold and set with 348 brilliant-cut diamonds. The glamorous look of the 1960s and 1970s has been translated into pure elegance, suitable for a joyous party season.



This signature Stars ring in 18K white gold set with colourless diamonds from Djula bestows French elegance on a delicate finger. The ring from the Single collection adds a chic brilliance to any Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties’ ensembles.



Moraglione’s Anastasia pendant reminds us of the beauty of winter with its colourless diamonds, mother-of-pearl, and blue topazes set in white gold. The almost glacial ice impression is achieved by the topaz cabochons. With the light-as-air assembling, the pendant is both supple and structured.


Al Coro

Al Coro’s new exclusive line brilliantly combines 18K white gold with crystal clear colourless diamonds, and seduces in its most beautiful form. The filigree meshwork merges the airiness of the design and the brand’s craftsmanship. The elegant brilliant pavé placed on the circular frame gives the earrings grace, reflecting the glow and the shape of a shining full moon in the winter.