By Syahmin Ritzwan

Swarovski Gemstones, a subsidiary of iconic jewellery brand Swarovski, recently announced its new collaboration with New York-based jewellery designer Alex Woo. The collection is part of Woo’s 15th year anniversary celebration since the launch of her namesake brand, Alex Woo Made in New York.




Alex Woo (right) going through her designs


Introducing wearable designs that were inspired by her earlier releases, the collection uses precious stones from Swarovski®. With Woo’s expertise in sculpture and modern and classic designs, the collection features bold and sleek geometric shapes.







The 15th anniversary series will be in sterling silver adorned with genuine Swarovski® pink or blue sapphires. It will be made available in selected fine jewellery and department stores in the United States or online at in March 2017.

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