Undoubtedly, jewellery brings people joy and delight. Timeless and enduring, it doesn’t lose its magic nor splendour regardless of time and trends. It is one of the most important, not to mention exquisite, elements we have grown to treasure not only in fashion, but in human relationships.


Take the wedding ring, for instance. Beyond its simple band design lies a deeper meaning, representing the emotional bond between a couple. The engagement ring is no different. Taking a romantic relationship to the next level and sealing it with a beautiful ring is one of the most exciting moments shared by two people in love.



Jewellery as a present is another story. Whether you’re the giver or the receiver, or you’re buying the jewellery for yourself as a well-deserved gift, the power of jewellery transcends a simple ornament into something more personal and valued. Granted women also love their shoes and luxury handbags, but nothing beats the excitement of opening a little blue box, so to speak.



This holiday season, the Solitaire and SolitaireLuxe team is here to help you give the gift of elegance — for yourself or for others — with an array of curated features. From gift selections to style pairings and highlights of exquisite new jewellery collections, this edition is full of exciting, festive regalia, reminding you that it’s that time of the year again to ring in some holiday cheer.


Happy holidays!

Maripet Ledesma Poso
Assistant Editor


Image opener: Paisley earrings in gold with white diamonds, pink and red sapphires, QAYTEN