A high jewellery collection where the love affair between nature and craftsmanship blooms

Cindy Yeung, Emperor Watch & Jewellery’s Chairperson and CEO, and a professional team of jewellery artisans have always endeavoured to instill unique inspirations, captivating designs, and exquisite craftsmanship into the making of each bejeweled masterpiece in the Nuò by Cindy Yeung high jewellery brand.

As Creative Director, Yeung draws inspiration from what’s around her, particularly from her eye-opening travel experiences around the world. Every time Yeung visits a new place, she makes it a point to explore the local gardens, which has helped inform her creative vision as she takes in the enchanting sight of foliage and flowers.

In a statement, Yeung reveals, “Every flower and grass in nature is a wonderful creation of the universe, and gardening artistically transforms these natural gifts into breathtaking spectacles that display human artistry and wisdom. Similarly, gems are also treasures from nature and can be transformed into incredible works of art through compelling designs and ingenious craftsmanship.”

It comes as no surprise then that Nuò by Cindy Yeung’s newest pieces are inspired by lush and colourful gardens. This year, the brand accentuates the “Garden of Treasures” concept by launching a series of distinctive gems that evoke blooming flowers in three thematic collections, namely “Majestic”, “Immaculate”, and “Splendour”. Professional in-house artisans, led by Yeung, translate their aesthetic visions and expert craftsmanship into exquisite and shimmering jewellery that boast a natural look despite being manmade.

The “Majestic” range is inspired by magnificent palaces around the world, which are usually surrounded by elegant gardens with extraordinary and luxurious layouts. Meanwhile, “Immaculate” is inspired by the vision of a beautiful woman on stroll in the garden, admiring the beauty of nature, where colourful gems evoke trees and flowers. Finally, “Splendour” takes inspiration from symmetry, evoking geometric shapes, harmony, and perfection in all things natural.

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