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From the Greeks and the Romans to the Chinese and the Assyrians, ancient civilisations honoured the serpent, attributing it with mystical powers. The head-ornament of Cleopatra was adorned with a python. Ishtar, the Assyrian goddess of love and fertility, was often portrayed with a serpent around her hip. In ancient China, river gods were depicted in the form of a snake. As a symbol of wisdom and evil, the motif of original and deadly sin, the serpent makes an exciting comeback.




Yoko London
In the Chinese zodiac, the serpent’s revival personifies immortality, infinity, and regeneration. In this size- and colour-graduated necklace, Yoko London pays tribute to the slithering style icon by putting together white and golden South Sea cultured pearls linked by two serpents made of 18k yellow gold and diamonds.




Verdi Gioeilli
This gold and diamond cuff from Italian jeweller Verdi Gioeilli blends style, innovation, and sophistication. The design and quality is classically Italian — refined yet always aligned with the aesthetic desires of tomorrow. The finely crafted flexible bracelets have become the style icons of Verdi.



In the 21st century, celebrities have all embraced the serpentine fashion; and Damiani makes it particularly appealing to adorn oneself with this trend. Here, from the Eden collection, a snake bracelet and ring in black ceramic and pink gold stun in their classic simplicity.




Tiffany & Co.
For Elsa Peretti, the idea for the snake design came from a rattlesnake tail given to her by a Texan as a good luck charm. In keeping with Peretti’s other works for Tiffany & Co., this minimalistic necklace is made of 18k yellow gold, with the head of the serpent forming the clasp, offering an endless array of styling opportunities.




One of Bulgari’s newest interpretations of the iconic motif is the Serpenti Seduttori high jewellery bangle-watch made of 18k pink gold. The curved case is set with 39 brilliants, one 17.4ct cabochon-cut tourmaline, and two pear-shaped emeralds. The 36mm dial features 85 brilliant-cut diamonds and pink-coated brass hands; while the 18k pink gold bracelet is set with diamonds and tourmalines.




Staurino Fratelli
Staurino Fratelli’s Champagne Python cuff is made of 18k rose gold and set with 13.60ct colourless and champagne-coloured diamonds. The bracelet from the Magic Snakes collection is both flexible and wearable.




Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen
Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen’s Snake collection comes in different styles, stone selections, and designs. Adding the element of playfulness, this snake earring comes in diamond pavé in yellow gold, and sold in pair or as a single item.