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A constant reminder that time passes quickly, the hourglass exemplifies the cycle of life and the notion of its finiteness. It symbolises the passage of each fleeting moment, the brevity of life. On the other hand, it reminds us that, indeed, ‘time is precious’ and that we should always make the most of it. Taking this aphorism to heart, De Beers created a masterpiece as precious as time itself.


The Starburst Diamonds 2000, a breathtaking 24k gold-plated hourglass, dazzles with approximately 2000 floating diamonds inside a clear liquid, totalling 35 carats. Sitting beautifully in a gold-plated brass self-illuminating stand with four turned pillars, the hourglass looks divine in all its blue, black and gold sophistication. This elaborate time teller was among the auctioned pieces by Sotheby’s Hong Kong in its May 2013 Important Modern Watches Auction.