UNLOCK THE MOMENT | Solitaire Magazine


Keys initiate curiosity. A symbol of promise and freedom, the motif brings us back to ancient Babylon, where the first keys were made out of wood. Their main purpose, then and now, is to safeguard secrets and things of importance. Size, materials, and shapes have since evolved, but a key’s basic function remains.


In a world increasingly protected by electronic means, carrying and using a traditional key has very personal associations — like protecting precious memories, a secret childhood diary, and a piece of jewellery. Bejewelled keys may be gifted to mark the start of adulthood, a practice often seen in Western cultures, or they stand as a symbol of the start of a new relationship. The key signifies access, granting one first entry to new and highly significant stage of life. SolitaireLuxe presents jewellery pendants with key accents from some of our favourite jewellers.