By Solitaire Magazine

Take a journey through worlds and realms, forests, seas, and beyond with these fantastical high jewellery creations.


Chaumet’s high jewellery collection, Ondes et Marveilles de Chaumet, is dedicated to the myriad evocations of the sea – from the gentle caressing and crash of waves at the water’s edge to underwater treasure hunts. The pieces come alive with colour, volume, cut, and height, complemented by transformable pieces and signature jewels that can be worn in various, contemporary ways.


Boucheron presents Ailleurs – Elsewhere – its high jewellery creation imagined and realised into tangible treasures by creative director, Claire Choisne and her studio. The collection takes its wearers on a journey where everything is possible: From the deserts to the oceans and the mountains to the rainforests. The juxtaposition of materials is evident too, where diamonds, pebbles, gold, wood, and meteorite meet.


Cartier’s high jewellery collection for 2022, Beautés du Monde, is dedicated to the beauty of the world – wherever it may be. The jewels illustrate the maison’s ability to admire beauty and then embellish it with a vision that translates to design, the tension of lines, and the geometry of abstraction. Meanwhile, the interplay of stones and colours intensifies the elements of nature and cultures that inspire the collection.


Wild and Wonderful, Mikimoto’s high jewellery offering for 2022, is all about the drama of animals from all corners of the globe – Africa, America, Australia, Eurasia, and the Antarctic. What results is a glittering expression of the planet’s untamed wildlife. The intricately crafted pieces are infused with a sense of vitality and life, taking the wearer on incredible adventures that inspire awe and wonder.


Chopard Loves Cinema is not just a high jewellery collection, it’s an homage to the wonders of movies – from its early black and white days to the stunning blockbusters of today – and the iconic masterpieces that define it. The collection, which was unveiled by Caroline Scheufele, the brand’s Co-President and Artistic Director, translates fabled films into fantastical pieces adorned with the most covetable and vibrant jewels.

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