With records broken at the recent auctions, carat prices fetched by fancy intense coloured diamonds are nothing short of astounding (literally, talking several millions of American dollars per carat).

As a jewellery journalist, I have the good fortune of coming upclose and personal with some of these gemstones at spectacular launch events around the globe.


38.13 ct emerald-cut yellow diamond ring, GRAFF


The first thing that struck me years back when presented with a selection of fancy intense yellow diamonds at Graff Diamonds, was the difference in nuances between yellow diamonds and all other yellow gemstones such as yellow sapphires, citrines and lemon topazes.


As it turned out, this observation actually holds true for most of the coloured diamonds: Their display of colour is somehow ‘colder’ than other gemstones. It is as if the colours are tempered by being eternally caught up in its element. Take for example blue diamonds with the blue sapphire; or a green diamond against the green emerald. Nothing prevents a fancy intense coloured diamond of any given shade from being deeply saturated — but it is as if the colour is usually moderated by the eternal fire of the diamond’s brilliance.


Toi & Moi ring with blue diamond, MESSIKA


Depending on the occasion and the state of the diamond be it, natural or treated – there is always a good excuse to buy coloured diamond-set jewellery. Pink and blue diamonds for the birth of a newborn; black diamonds for daring glamour; green symbolises new beginnings; while yellow diamonds make for excellent friendship rings; and, champagne-coloured diamonds to mark important milestones.


The German jewellery company Hans D. Krieger has an excellent selection of yellow, orange and brown diamonds. Left ring with natural champagne and colourless diamonds on 18k rose gold, HANS D. KRIEGER



A signature of De Grisogono, black diamonds were integrated in their high jewellery designs for more than twenty years ago. Necklace and earrings in white gold and titanium set with black diamonds, white diamonds and onyx, DE GRISOGONO



For Chopard, we’ve seen some magnificent jewels such as the heart-shaped cut red diamond and the colour-changing chameleon oval green-yellow diamond. Image courtesy of Chopard