A charming anthology: The fun and playful side of fine jewellery

by Nina Hald

Throughout centuries, charms were used either as amulets, practical tools, or status symbols. It became fashionable in the early 20th century when Queen Victoria popularised the charm bracelets, and even made “mourning” charms trendy by incorporating miniature portraits or lockets of hair from the deceased in the trinkets. Whether made of precious metals, faceted or polished, figurative or abstract, charms remain eternally fashionable until today.



Jewelmer’s Le Monde des Chapeaux features charms in 18K yellow gold and golden South Sea cultured pearls. The braided white leather bracelet evokes simplicity while allowing women plenty of styling possibilities.


Moraglione’s Sofia charm bracelet exudes playful warmth and youthfulness. The 18K yellow gold bracelet is set with charms in different colours and gemstones, combined with colourless and brown diamonds.



The Astra collection comprises charms made of white and rose gold set with diamonds from the Rio Tinto Argyle mine in Western Australia. The collection features minimalistic designs that take into account every possible incarnation of the star motif.


Available in platinum or yellow gold, each design from the Harry Winston Charms collection can be worn either as a pendant or part of a charm bracelet. The envelope charm With Love from Harry Winston is a nod to the shipping method ¾ the United States Postal Service ¾ preferred by Mr Winston, while the Fifth Avenue Vault charm is a treasure unto itself.



The Hodel charm is for contemporary cosmopolitan who loves to make a stylish entrance. The Love Ducks necklace is made of 18K yellow gold, and the charms are made of golden South Sea Keshi pearls set with colourless diamonds and pink sapphires, as well as heart-shaped pendants set with brown diamonds.



The Lotus Arts de Vivre bracelet is adorned with carved mother-of-pearl elephant motifs, roughly faceted emeralds and amethysts, white cultured pearls, rose-cut colourless diamonds, and black agate beads in 18K gold.



Chantecler’s Joyful bracelet in white gold is set with drop-shaped charms either made of single precious stones, such as turquoise, onyx, red coral, and amethysts, or paved with multicolour sapphires or colourless diamonds.


This article was originally published in Solitaire 90, The Colours Edition.

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