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Leman Jewelry slowly breaks into the global market with poetic diamond creations

Chant To Nature earrings, inspired from Travertine Creek’s emerald-colour water, featuring 10ct emeralds and mixed-cut diamonds

The name Leman conjures up images of a tranquil region bordering France and Switzerland, with beautiful countryside scenes replete with wonderful gardens, misty lakes, and snow-capped mountains. These poetic scenes never fail to impress travellers, and such was the case of Vietnamese-American jeweller Ngoc Doan who visited this picturesque region some years ago. For this Vietnamese tourist, Leman wasn’t just a place; it was a feeling and a source of vitality and inspiration. It is this kind of awe and excitement that she would like to impart those who wear her jewellery.


Vietnamese-American jeweller Ngoc Doan, Leman Jewelry’s Founder and Designer

Ngoc is the founder and creative director of Leman Jewelry, a Vietnamese jewellery company focusing on statement diamond jewels. Born into a family with over 40 years of experience in fine jewellery making, Ngoc had her career path laid out for her. Diamonds were simply part of her childhood, and it was natural for her to follow the footsteps of her father and grandfather. At an early age, she learned the ropes of the business and developed a passion for jewellery making. Her decision to study abroad, which had always felt like the right path for her, took Ngoc on a journey toward her passion.

After graduating with a Degree in Applied Jewelry Arts from the Gemological Institute of America, Ngoc spent five years in the US working as a gemmologist before returning home to Ho Chi Minh City to establish the luxurious Leman Jewelry brand. Today, Leman is known for its contemporary jewellery designs that inspire both the wearer and the beholder — exactly how Ngoc had imagined the brand to be.

Victory rings, featuring a customised stacking design from two separate handed-down rings of 3.4 carats and 4.0 carats

With poetic creations that exude quiet luxury, Leman Jewelry has that rare gems-meet-art appeal. Ngoc always strives to sort the rarest diamonds and coloured gemstones to assure the lasting value of their creations. The finest stones are sourced thoughtfully, and every jewel is treated like a piece of art. This meticulous approach to sourcing and design has been a key to winning the trust of Leman’s most discerning customers.

Ngoc’s unparalleled eye for beauty enables her to transform precious stones into red-carpet couture quality pieces. It’s little wonder then that her creations constantly grace the red carpet, adorning local celebrities and elites with her fanciful signature pieces.

Blue Moon diamond ring featuring a blue diamond centrestone

Some of Leman’s stunners include the Petale de Rose earrings, featuring an 8.5ct fancy pink diamond centre stone set within a teardrop silhouette in pink pavé-set diamonds, as well as the Heaven & Earth cuddle diamond ring with two centre stones playfully linked by a spiral loop of pink diamonds. The list is endless, but among them are Ngoc’s personal favourites that marry glamour with nature: the flower-inspired Étoile diamond ring, the Chant to Nature emerald earrings, and the captivating Victory rings.

With so much creativity and rising demand in and outside of Vietnam, Ngoc is slowly taking the Leman brand global. From her flagship boutique in Ho Chi Minh City, she now brings her luxurious creations to the US and Hong Kong. Ngoc plans to expand the brand across Southeast Asia, including Singapore, and onto bigger and more competitive markets. Holding so much potential and creative promise, it’s only a matter of time before Ngoc’s wearable pieces of art captures the hearts of the global market.