The House of Dilys’ has enjoyed three illustrious decades in Hong Kong’s inimitable and glittering jewellery scene. The private high jeweller is responsible for creating some of the most captivating, bejewelled masterpieces, which have unfortunately only been enjoyed by the discerning eyes of its owners. But as we all know, the world is changing, which is why Dilys’ has decided to unveil some of its most beautiful creations, which belong to some of the brand’s elusive patrons.

To mark the occasion, Dilys’ has allowed for a rare look at two archived bespoke creations from 2013. Both pieces also coincidentally spotlight the alluring Sri Lankan blue sapphire, which are mystically known to possess a powerful celestial energy and is used by those who believe in its power for protection and connection to a higher wisdom. When the pieces were in the process of being designed, Ms. Dilys Young drew inspiration from the artful forms of nature and historical architecture to honour the energies associated with the gemstones.

The Grape Hyacinth Brooch by Dilys’ 

This stunning brooch, which is an artful interpretation of grape hyacinths in morning dew, features 183 pieces of Sri Lankan blue sapphires (totaling 142 carats) alongside 333 white diamond droplets that weigh a total of 4.37 carats. The piece is set in 18K white and black gold. What’s more, the piece can be separated into two independent brooches, which can then be worn for different occasions. The piece, which was completed in the spring of 2013, was commissioned by an important lady residing in Taiwan.

The Blue Dome Ring by Dilys’ 

This statement ring was created with the mystical energies of the blue sapphire in mind. Inspired by the domes of Turkey’s famous mosques and how it symbolizes the vault of heaven, Ms. Dilys Young designed the ring to take shape around the 13-carat Sri Lankan cabochon-cut blue sapphire. Set in 18K white and black gold, the walls are adorned with diamonds and Brazilian Paraiba to lend a neon glow. The ring, which was completed in the winter of 2013, is from the collection of a special patron from Malaysia.

Pearl Li, Head of Brand Development

According to Pearl Li, Head of Brand Development at Dilys’ and daughter of the brand’s founder, Ms. Dilys Young, “My goal is to honour Dilys’ DNA and translate it to a wider audience, which means protecting Dilys’ exclusivity while also preparing for a new sub-brand under the House of Dilys’ to be revealed later this year, called D by Dilys’. It will be an exciting change to set the tone for our third significant decade. The dream is to carry forward Dilys’ legacy into my generation with effortless and authentic jewellery, and to highlight those values in every individual.”

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