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Top 10 jewellery trends that have withstood the test of time

‘Classic’ defines a trend that is here to stay. In fine jewellery, it can be a style, a design element, a technique, or even a material used. Some trends come and go, but some are here to stay. Here, we look at 10 such iconic jewellery trends that are timeless, relevant, and ever so chic!

1. Pristine Pearls

Two sided gemstone and pearl Harmonie necklace by Jewelmer

Coco Chanel was instrumental in bringing pearls into limelight. From the quintessential strings to voluminous drops, pearls have played many roles in a woman’s affair with fashion. The modern woman is exploring pearls in an all-new perspective. Individual pearls are being given importance. Case in point: the Jewelmer pearl and gemstone Harmonie necklace, which has two fonts and no back.

“Pearls embody ultimate grace and refined elegance. A staple in every wardrobe, this sustainable gem easily transforms ensembles,” shares Jacques Christophe Branellec, Executive Vice President and Deputy CEO of Jewelmer. “Continually reinventing ourselves, we offer pearl designs with intelligence and beauty, making each piece transcend time and style”.

2. Charming Chandeliers

Precious Chopard chandelier earrings in emeralds and diamonds

Chandelier earrings have been the go-to accessories of most women during many glamorous evenings. One can never have enough of them — such is the charm of these beautifully crafted shoulder dusters that sway with even the slightest of movement. Although chandelier earrings have been around since the 3rd century BC, this trend is here to stay.

Chopard has been dressing many well-heeled celebrities, year after year for some of the most high profile red carpet events. And every year, the brand introduces a whole new array of chandeliers, each more beguiling than the last. From tassels and drops, to tribal and all-diamonds, the list of design and style is endless, mostly dramatic and definitely stunning.

Chopard Red Carpet chandelier earrings with rubies and diamonds

3. Wild Wildlife

Alebrije Earrings by Daniella Villegas

Jewellery inspired by flora and fauna is a humble reminder of our associations with our favourite animals while growing up. Started as a memorabilia, the trend of wearing gemstone-studded nature-inspired jewellery has taken all routes — from realistic to artistic, cute and animated to outright creepy, to the most adorable versions.

Freya Stark Earrings by Daniella Villegas

“Nature is perfect, and we are surrounded by beautiful specimens, marvellous designs, movements, colours, sensibility, and symbolism,” says LA-based Mexican jeweller Daniela Villegas, who has a unique way of using animal forms in their jewellery. “Nature helps me to reconnect with the world, making me feel protected and loved. With my designs, I hope to replicate, this feeling being surrounded by Mother Earth.”

Jackie Ring by Daniella Villegas

4. Cocktail Rings

Piaget Blue Ice Ring with a Sri Lankan blue sapphire centre and diamonds

Cocktail rings are always a great conversation starter. A trend that started during the jazz age of 1920’s to attract attention and as a mark of the newfound freedom by women, these statement rings surely have come a long way. An expression of independence, they come with big gemstone centres and larger than life motifs.

Piaget has been known for their voluminous rings so much so that, a few years ago, they actually launched a cocktail-inspired ring collection called Limelight, complete with tiny umbrellas, lemon wedges, and strawberries. Statement rings from their high jewellery collection usually revolves around gemstones, unusual by type or by cut.

Piaget Colourful Symphony Ring with emerald, blue sapphire, blue tourmalines and diamonds

Piaget Sun Vibrations Ring with a cushion cut yellow diamond centre

5. Crazy Carvings

Dilys’ Carved Aquamarine Bangle

Technically called glyptography, the art of engraving gemstones needs skilled and steady hands. Dating back to ancient civilisations, this ancient art has found a brilliant ally in coloured gemstones. The popular Cartier Tutti Frutti is a legendary example that uses carved gemstone leaves inspired from Indian culture.

Dilys’ Pendant Necklace with carved tanzanite

Dilys Young, founder and creative director of Dilys’ jewellery, uses carved gemstones like testaments of handcrafted fine jewellery. “Extremely skilled craftsmen are capable of turning raw gemstone into works of art,” says the Hong Kong-based bespoke jeweller. “Their craft maximises existing natural gems, while also bringing life and individuality to our designs at Dilys.”

6. Transformable Trends

Boucheron Fleur Graphique necklace with a detachable brooch

Why take one when you can have two or three for the price of one? Such is the charm of jewellery that can transform using consumer-friendly mechanisms. Two bracelets or a tiara can be fashioned into a necklace, or a brooch from a ring — these are just some of the exciting surprises of multi-purpose jewellery.

With every latest collection, Boucheron takes the whole ‘transformable jewellery’ game a few notches up, giving the wearer options to wear not just two ways, but five or six different ways. Their latest Jack collection features a classic gold chain with a lock, which can either be worn around the neck or the wrist or even the waist.

7. Realistic Replicas

ANNA HU Leaping Koi Brooch in Rubellite

From blooming flowers to fluttering butterflies, tweaked and shaped according to the designer’s imagination, nature has always had a close association with jewellery. Many designers prefer to make them closest to their natural forms, and with innovative techniques and newer materials, this trend has transformed spontaneously.

ANNA HU Rainbow Chrysocolla Butterfly Brooch

Jewellery artist Anna Hu makes high jewellery inspired by the forces around her, keeping the essentials intact. “While working on my designs, I love to be stimulated visually and acoustically. As an artist, I use gemstones as pigments to colour my own interpretation of nature.”

8. Ribbons & Bows

Van Cleef & Arpels Ruban secret watch in pink sapphires and rose gold

One of the most feminine elements to be converted into precious jewellery is the ribbon, knotted into pretty bows and studded with gemstones. Most trends work parallel to fashion, so as lace and ribbons became favourite elements in garments, they also started showing their presence in jewellery until they became a permanent feature in design.

Van Cleef & Arpels bow inspired bracelet.png

Most jewellery designers and brands have a distinct design language — while some prefer straight lines, others go for pretty and delicate designs. Van Cleef & Arpels is one such brand whose every piece exudes grace and charm. Along with their charming fairies and ballerinas, ribbons and bows — from dainty jewellery to encrusted watches — are among the brand’s iconic designs.

9. Daring Deco

Tomasz Donocik Art Deco inspired Stellar Studs with ear jackets

Since the beginning of Art Deco in 1920’s, geometry has inspired many a jewellery designer. Most have managed to carve out their own niche under the deco umbrella, appealing to a genre of women whose fashion sense is straightforward and streamlined.

Tomasz Donocik Stellar Explosion Earrings

Bringing an air of unconventional with him is Tomasz Donocik, whose favourite shape is the baguette. “It allows me to play with the colour as it travels along the pieces without interruption,” shares Tomasz. “Continuous lines and block of colour create a very art deco look, helping me to create something different to make the wearer stand out from the crowd.”

10. Holiday Hoops

Tiffany Diamond Hoop Earrings from Tiffany & Co.

More than just a trend, hoop earrings are a culture. Every woman has owned a pair in varying sizes, shapes, and styles. Most of the time, thin wire hoops are the first pair of earrings we wear the first time we get our ears pierced.

Tiffany & Co. offers jewellery across the range, from everyday wear to high jewellery. And so, when it comes to hoops earrings, they have one of the largest collections. With the launch of every new collection, there are a few new hoops to choose from, including the Tiffany T hoops and the Tiffany Atlas.

Tiffany Hoop Earrings from Tiffany & Co.