Brand: Jude Benhalim
Jude Benhalim (Cairo)

Latest Launch: For her capsule line of convertible sunglass chains, Jude Benhalim remixes elements from her SS20 Etruria Collection. Reminiscent of the ancient Etruscan civilisation, circle motifs and spiral symbols, the handmade brass chains, dipped in 18k gold, are accented with custom-made resin stones. One of the demi-fine styles features Benhalim’s signature ‘bullet’ motif.

Design: Practicality is a priority for the young designer and she has chosen to design the sunglass chains with stylistic variations: It can be worn in more than one way, with the accessory transforming into a pair of earrings, bracelet, long necklace, and choker. “By incorporating interchangeability (a technique used in many of my pieces), I realised that I could make a timeless chain and convert it into five different products.” The trick, she explains, is to incorporate circular locks in different areas of the chain and blend them in subtly. “You simply detach parts of the chain and re-attached them with the locks.” The chains are available with the designs in blue, green, or red resin stones.

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Campbell + Charlotte
Founder: Jenny Crane McHugh (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Latest Launch: The brand made its debut this April with four lines, including the Found Collection. “The inspiration for the brand is my daughter, Campbell. I have loved jewellery my entire life but, when she was born, so many things came into focus. I decided to take a chance on a dream and go all in on fine jewellery,” says Jenny Crane McHugh. Charlotte is where the designer lives with her family and where the initial collection was born. Hence, the brand name Campbell + Charlotte. McHugh makes “serious jewels for those who don’t take themselves too seriously. I design ‘360’ so that my pieces are beautiful from every angle and that the wearer is pleasantly surprised by discovering unexpected beauty in each piece.”

Design: The Found Collection, she admits, is her favourite. It comprises studs, hoops, rings and pendant necklaces. “It represents so many important parts of the brand – a love for colour, gemstones, and flair for the dramatic. Most of the stones in this collection are custom cut to bring the design to life – I love the idea that they start as a huge hunk of malachite and end up as a beautiful pendant.” Another lovely piece is the chrysoprase octagon pendant, with subtle diamond accents. She shares her styling tip for the necklaces from this line. McHugh loves to layer them together and believes “more is better.” With that in mind, she has made all the necklaces adjustable. “You can layer it with what is already in your collection. The pendants in the Found Collection are bold enough to be your ‘anchor’ piece for a good necklace stack. Start with these and then layer in more subtle pieces – both shorter and longer – to really bring a bold look to life.”

Founder: Ananya Malhotra (Chennai, India and Miami)

Latest Launch: This young talent launched her Scatter Collection with a handful of designs at the Jewellery and Watch Exhibition in Doha. She hoped to present the collection at the Designer Atelier at Couture, in Las Vegas, this summer. However, the show was cancelled in the wake of the pandemic, but it also allowed Ananya Malhotra, more time to design – she has since expanded her collection to 40 pieces.

Design: The Scatter Collection draws on fluidity and the forms, inspired by the concept of metaphysical energy and movements. The designs, explains Malhotra, represent the movement of energy between the root and the crown chakras. “The collection uses white and black diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and blue sapphires with each coloured gemstone epitomising the flow of energy from ground up.” Her fascination with the Chakras and energy can be traced back to her roots and life in India and the country’s spiritual traditions. “Quite early on, I learned about the importance of energy balance. Chakras are connective energy systems in our body. The flow of energy plays an important role in our mental and physical existence. Life experiences have taught me the importance of balancing chakras and creating a harmonious flow to connect with oneself.” She also diligently applies this philosophy to everything that she does.

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