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Capturing the ephemeral beauty of rose petals floating in the air and then falling on the Place Vendôme this collection is a true and luminous reflection of the most prestigious square in the French capital known as home to some of the world’s top luxury brands in magnificent surroundings.

The new Mikimoto Feather Collection represents the ideals of beauty and grace. We hope this piece gives you the strength and courage to find new horizons.

Mikimoto has been a leader in the world of cultured pearls for over 120 years. What’s next for the Japanese jewellery brand? In 1893, Kokichi Mikimoto set out on a quest for beauty and perfection, resulting in the establishment of Mikimoto – a brand synonymous with exquisite cultured pearls. The…

Among all the pearl necklaces Mikimoto produces, only a few are crowned as “The Best of The Best.” Not only do they represent the absolute pinnacle of timeless luxury, but they also exude an inimitable charisma that only the very best jewellery creations have.

Valery Demure of Objet d’Emotion talks about transforming her dream jewellery retail concept into a reality Objet d’Emotion is a fine jewellery shopping platform curated by Valery Demure. Founded in October 2018, it presents a selection of talented jewellery artists and aims to connect jewellery lovers with up-and-coming designers. Demure,…